Other Events

The Irish Sponsorship Awards are a part of the Business River network solution which hosts over 12,000 senior level business professionals at over 30 events with a wider business network of over 25,000 people.


We have founded more than 30 award programmes, meetings and events across a diverse range of business sectors:


Entertainment & Leisure | Science & Technology | Pharmachem | Life Sciences | Media & Marketing | Sustainability | Legal & Finance | Construction | Agribusiness | Aviation | Marine | Property Development | Architecture | Fit Out | Facilities Management


Please find below a sample of some of the events within the Business River network.

Event Industry Awards

The Awards programme for the Event industry itself. Visit the Website.

The Irish Content Marketing Awards

Launched in 2018, The Irish Content Marketing Awards recognise achievements in leveraging the content marketing discipline to drive business and organisational success. Visit the Website.

The Irish Content Marketing Awards

Launched in 2008, the Green Awards recognise the extraordinary contribution and commitment that companies now make towards growing a greener future in Irish business today. Visit the Website.

HR Leadership & Management Awards

Launched in 2015, the HR Leadership & Management Awards are vital to promote HR, as they allow innovation and achievement to shine, and the ceremony itself is attended by hundreds of leading industry figures. Visit the Website.

The Irish CX Impact Awards

The Irish CX Impact Awards recognise your achievements in measuring and managing Customer Experience excellence that delivers better outcomes for your customers and ultimately your own business or organisation. Visit the Website.

The Marine and Natural Resources Awards

The Marine and Natural Resources Awards seeks to find the businesses and enterprises who are responsibly harvesting our natural resources for the benefit of future generations and the continued well-being of the Irish economy while operating to world-class standards. Visit the Website.

Agribusiness Awards

The Awards proramme that celebrates and recognises the individuals and organisations who have contributed to Ireland’s position as a global leader in the agribusines sector. Visit the Website.

The National Procurement Awards

The Awards programme to encourage excellence in procurement and supply chain. Visit the Website.

Aviation Industry Awards

The long-standing awards programme that celebrates excellence in aviation and encourage teams and individuals to constantly raise the bar. Visit the Website.

Facilities Management Awards

Launched in 2014, the Facilities Management Awards is the premier awards programme for benchmarking excellence within Ireland's FM sector. Visit the Website.

eCommerce & Payment Awards

The eCommerce & Payment Awards aim to recognise the complexity and centrality of eCommerce to our world and celebrate the massive contribution it makes to local economies and ongoing global trade development. Visit the Website.

Green Food & Beverage Producer Awards

Run under the auspices of the Green Awards, the Green Food & Beverage Producer Awards will highlight the many and varied initiatives that producers in Ireland are taking to make food production here as sustainable as possible. Visit the Website.